Friday, 11 October 2013

Exhibitions and calendars...

The Art Studio Sunderland Exhibition wall in Virgin Money, Gosforth
Photo by Jo Howell Photography
The first exhibition of our members work is now installed in Virgin Money, in Gosforth. Hung in the true salon style (a bit higgidly-piggildy and crammed in) but commanding a lot of attention from everyone who passes the work in the busy corridor.

The guys worked really hard on the final presentation of their work and went the extra mile to get them framed-up. I think that they should be extremely proud. The work is for sale and will remain on show until the beginning of November.

The first show has shown us all a lot, and we've learned a few things for the future. The members want to have more curatorial control, and a bigger space to really show-off what they can do next time. So keep your eyes peeled for a much more ambitious show in the future!

The Art Studio Sunderland Calendar £5.99 with all proceeds going towards future projects, events and exhibitions
Photo by Jo Howell Photography
In other news, we have just received our calendars from the printers and they look fantastic!

The calendar has been beautifully designed to promote the wonderful work that we do here at The Art Studio Sunderland. As an Arts and Mental Health Charity we believe that we can help to ease the burdens of mental illnesses through art, and the calendar is a great way for us to show how that works in real terms. Each page has a gorgeous photograph of an Art Studio member's piece of work, showing the wide range of the activities that we cater for. If you would like to support The Art Studio Sunderland by purchasing a calendar then please contact us via our email to arrange to pick yours up.

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