Friday, 6 September 2013

Getting ready for the Craft Fair....

Hand Painted Glass candle holder by Polly Cotterel Art made in The Art Studio
Photo by Jo Howell Photography
The studio has been buzzing again with a lot of time and energy being put into the creation of craft items for our stall at the Arts Centre Washington craft fair on 2nd November 2013. Alongside some wonderful hand painted glass objects we will have lovingly handcrafted ceramics, prints, Christmas cards; and you will even be able to commission our member artists to create personalised works by paying a small deposit on the day.

The members have also been working very hard on their own online profiles- making new blogs and learning the power of social networking to share their work with the rest of the world.

Painting (work in progress) by Mac made in The Art Studio
Photo by Jo Howell Photography
You can check out our members blogs here:

We will post more as the members progress and we will keep giving you a good rounded view of general goings-on via this blog or you can also follow us on facebook.

If you have any queries or you know of someone with a mental health problem who would benefit from this service then please head to our website and contact us via there, we are always looking for new additions to the group.